We were a team of 14 people woking together for a week and Guice was simply amazing. We’re from a large IT company and our team is spread across two different countries.

We were getting together to kickstart a new shared project and this place was the perfect surrounding.

The casual workplace helped create a really good atmosphere and get people together. The „meeting room“ was big enough to fit us all and there was generally plenty of space for us to break out in smaller groups or work independently.

Even though we were a bit over the full capacity, it didn’t feel crowded at all – on the contrary, I believe we could have easily fit more people and still have a very relaxed feeling. The location is superb (best in Berlin) with both entertainment, nightlife and a nearly infinite amount of nice lunch places around. Due to the high number of devices we brought with us, we had some issues with the wifi not being able to keep up, but that should have been fixed by now.

Christian Bak, Lead Engineer GoToAssist, Citrix

Review date: Jul 2015